Preserving Quality and Safety of Food and Goods

RALU Logistika assures good business practices in the area of transportation, warehousing and distribution of all kinds of goods and our employees are trained to implement food safety and preservation.

A study identifying critical and control points in transportation, warehousing and distribution of food is a priority and is being carefully implemented.

RALU Logistika pays particular attention to retaining contracted temperatures for goods within the whole cold chain.

All measuring devices, including mobile thermometers and thermometers in vehicles or in warehouses are subject to annual maintenance and temperature sensor calibration.

Training for our employees is an important component and it is undertaken quarterly and annually, and even more often if required due to changes in regulations or quality system upgrades.

In addition to risk analysis, the quality control system verifies and handles control documents and records, and manages nonconformities and customer complaints. Corrective and preventive measures are taken for each nonconformity found, and the customer is notified as soon as possible.

RALU Logistika offers a high level of assurance that the goods collected will reach their destination without any changes in product quality. Our key clients regularly perform control audits, check procedures, records and documentation to verify RALU quality control system.

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