Optimal Driving - The Eco Profile

In our efforts to make RALU Logistika environmentally acceptable we aim to reduce CO2 emissions and increase our efficiency.

RALU Logistika implemented the ECO PROFILE module to calculate efficiency for each route, encourages optimal driving, and ultimately this results in fuel savings and a decrease in pollution.

This way, RALU Logistika’s drivers can control their fuel consumption and also enhance traffic safety, minimize vehicle maintenance costs and fleet management costs. On average, Eco driving reduces fuel consumption by 10-15%.

By collecting data from the GPS/GPRS device in the vehicle and from the truck’s central computer every driver is given an Eco Profile for every route and if needed the driver can be instructed on how to improve his driving.

By selecting this ECO PROFILE, RALU Logistika has clearly chosen to make an active contribution to environmental protection.

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