LURA news

RALU LOGISTIKA is a member of the LURA Group, a holding company including PharmaS (Pharmaceuticals), Favarger (Swiss chocolate maker), LURA Ulaganja (Investments) and LURA Nekretnine(Real estate development). For the purpose of boosting the LURA brand and providing information about all relevant activities in the companies, an internal magazine called LURA News was launched in 2011. Reports on various projects, departments or employees and brief news with plenty of photographs and a series of readily noticeable highlighted sections dominate the magazine. As the RALU system employs the majority of the Group’s employees, RALU’s activities are given substantial space in each issue. LURA News is published quarterly and, besides being distributed to employees in all countries where RALU operates, the magazine is sent to business community representatives, the media and government institutions.