Construction of HRK 150 million worth RALU Center has started

ZAGREB, October 15, 2014 – RALU Logistics, with the presence of local authorities, has celebrated construction launch of the first stage of logistics distribution center over HRK 150 million worth in Rugvica, near Zagreb.

The area of the construction site is almost 120 000 m2. The ceremony hosted also county prefect of Zagreb County Mr. Sc. Stjepan Kožić and prefect of Rugvica Municipality Ivan Remenar, who together with RALU Logistics' Management Board President Zvonimir Šćurec set a cornerstone as a symbolic gesture marking the launch of the construction.  
Kamgrad Company was elected the main contractor for this Center which will include a temperature regime goods warehouse and additional transportation facilities (our internal gas station, vehicle service center, parking lot). Kamgrad is one of the leading construction companies in Croatia, which has also made an agreement on launching a business project of Bakačeva in Zagreb with LURA Group, within which RALU operates.  As Šćurec said, the Group fully believes Kamgrad will do the top quality work, and the ending of construction works in RALU logistics center in Rugvica is due in the second quarter of 2015. 
“This is one of the biggest investments in the private sector in Croatia at the moment, completely financed by private capital. For RALU, it presents a key precondition for realizing our vision to become a leading supplier of integrated cold chain logistics service in South East Europe. RALU provides transportation services throughout Europe and Russia, and enlarging our logistics capacities implies providing a complete top quality logistics solution to our customers. Construction of the logistics center also implies additional jobs, therefore in the years to follow we plan to get additional 200 employees, along with the current 300 ones,” said RALU Logistics' Management Board President Zvonimir Šćurec.
“In the time when everyone talks about new investments, they truly happen in Zagreb County,” said County prefect Kožić expressing his gratitude to RALU Logistics for choosing Rugvica Municipality as their valuable investment destination.

“This investment implies an economic growth, new jobs, more money in the County's budget, which will enable raising the level of life quality and development of economic zone and communal infrastructure. This also means a great honor for Zagreb County to host the distribution logistics center, which is one of the leading brands in the field of transportation and logistics services in the region,” concluded Kožić. Prefect of Rugvica Municipality stressed the importance of RALU's investment for Rugvica Municipality. “Construction of the Center means launching the work zone of Dragošićka as along with the construction of the object we build access roads and other necessary infrastructure, which will enable arrival of other entrepreneurs. Along with 200 jobs, which will be provided by RALU, this will imply additional jobs, which is not a common good news, not only for Rugvica Municipality,” added Remenar.

The first stage of RALU Center's construction includes building the most modern warehouse with a capacity of over 12 00 pallets under temperature regime for frozen (-25 C) and fresh regime goods (0-8 C), with 16 ramps for loading and unloading, while cross dock and picking area will include over 3 000 m2. This also enables additional services such as promotional products, packing multiple products in plastic film, cardboard or sheet metal packaging, weighing non-egalized products with attaching price and weight labels for specific customers, providing service of customs and excise warehouse etc. The Center will implement top quality technology for warehouse operations – from SAP WMS (Warehouse Management System) to voice recognition technologies or Pick by Voice. Thanks to one of the main suppliers in this project, the company EHO d.o.o., the most modern cooling facilities by world renowned manufacturers will be installed in the center.

Along with the warehouse, RALU center will include our internal truck service center, a truck wash and a gas station as well as a parking lot for trucks engaged in transportation and distribution. In addition, construction of the Center means uniting all of RALU's functions, which up to now were at several locations, in one place in Zagreb.
RALU Logistics is a leading independent regional logistics company in the cold chain segment, which provides logistics solution all in one place – from goods acceptance to sales point delivery. RALU Group has its affiliates in three countries (Croatia, Serbia, Hungary) with over 300 employees, while its more than 180 most modern vehicles make the Group able to provide its transportation services throughout Europe and Russia.


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