Beginning of cooperation between RALU Srbija and NAGEL-GROUP

Belgrade, 25 September 2017-Ralu Srbija has established cooperation with Nagel-Group

Belgrade, 25 September 2017 - RALU Srbija, a company specializing in the cold chain logistics, has established cooperation with one of the largest Western European cold chain logistics companies – Nagel-Group, thus becoming a part of this company’s European branch network. By using the existing infrastructure, both companies work on the expansion of the LTL network from Europe towards the Balkans and from the Balkans towards the European countries. This enables the Nagel Group clients to sell and transport their goods in the territory of the Balkans, while RALU can provide the same service to its customers. This cooperation includes the delivery of temperature-controlled collective shipments from Western Europe towards Serbia, after which the delivery of goods is made throughout Serbia within 24 hours via the existing cross dock platforms.  
“Having launched the cooperation with Nagel-Group we are able to provide a high-level service to our customers in the segment of collective and partial shipments of temperature-controlled goods, through the use of the large network od Nagel distribution and cross dock centres in the territory of the entire Europe. This enables us to provide greater opportunities and better solutions, supply chain optimization through reduced transportation costs and acceptable transit times. Also, within our company, we provide the complete (integrated) logistics service in the cold chain segment, by engaging all available capacities – international transport, customs brokerage services, warehousing and distribution to end customers. In this way we provide the rapid, efficient and cost-effective solution to our customers and we build a reputation of a quality and reliable partner which is definitely an incentive for the provision of new and specific services.   In the future period we will continue to be a leader in the introduction of trends in the region, and in that way we will continuously prove ourselves as the company which provides the best possible one-stop logistics solution” said Vladimir Milosavljević, Director of RALU Srbija.   
Through this partnership Nagel-Group expands the area covered by the unique network of temperature-controlled regime for food products. “Thanks to the cooperation with Ralu Logistika, we can offer to our customers in Serbia the service which is based on the same quality standards and reliability criteria which the Nagel-Group network customers are already familiar with” said Thomas Pütter, Head of Corporate Operational Process Design & Systems Department in Nagel-Group.  “For us, this cooperation represents further building of our mission to become a link in the food industry in Europe, or as our slogan says  -  Connecting the world of food®
In order to further improve the services, Ralu Logistika has expanded its rolling stock by including the new Mercedes delivery vehicles, equipped with the state-of-the-art technology.  This is a combination of Mercedes trucks of Atego brand, the vehicles which have already proved themselves on the European roads and represent the right solution for the distribution transport, as well as the Lamberet’s isolated chambers and refrigerating devices of Carrier Transicolda, thus creating a top-quality delivery vehicle for the transport of goods in temperature controlled conditions ranging from   -30 to +30 °C.
After the expansion of capacities and the development of the logistics and distribution centre in the business zone in Ugrinovci with a warehouse with controlled temperature conditions covering the surface area of 8,000 m2, Ralu has been intensively engaged in filling those warehousing capacities. With the entry of the first clients for whom distribution is carried out throughout the territory of Serbia, Ralu now provides the complete cold chain logistics service. The first cross-dock platform has been established in Niš, which will largely facilitate the operations and it represents a serious step from the moment of entry in this segment.

About RALU Srbija
RALU Srbija was founded in 2010 and is a member of RALU Logistika, a leading independent regional logistics company in the cold chain segment which provides the one-stop logistics solution – from the takeover of goods to the delivery to sales outlets. RALU Srbija has about 120 employees, and with 60 most modern heavy duty trucks it carries out its operations throughout the territory of Europe and Russia. The Group has more than 450 employees and 200 modern vehicles – refrigerator trucks.  

About Nagel-Group:
Nagel-Group, headquartered in Verzmold, is specialized in the field of food logistics and operates throughout Europe and employs 12,000 people, in 16 countries at more than 130 locations. According to the latest results, the company generated the EUR 1.9 billion worth sale. On a daily basis, the group transports food in all types of shipments and temperature classes. Regardless of whether frozen products, meat, dairy products, coffee or confectionery is concerned, Nagel-Group helps consumers, on behalf of the industry and trade, to find good quality products at the right time, at points of sale throughout Europe. Nagel-Group thus significantly contributes to the success of its users. More detailed information is available at


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